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Sep 26, 2012 2:30pm PDT
field as defending champions are challenged by rising stars, frankfurt. day two of the united nations general assembly in new york sought out going iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad take the podium for the eighth and final time -- saw outgoing iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> he defended his country's right to civilian nuclear research. his speech came a day after president obama told the general assembly that washington would do whatever is necessary to prevent iran from getting nuclear arms. >> ahmadinejad used his final appearance on the united nations stage to criticize israel once again. >> continued threats by the uncivilized zionists to resort to military action are a bitter reality in my great country. >> western nations, which accused iran of developing nuclear weapons, usually walk out during his speeches, but the seats filled up with this man took the stage -- the egyptian president addressed the assembly on the need for international negotiations rather than military intervention in syria. >> we need a solution that preserves the unity of this brotherly state, involve
Sep 27, 2012 2:30pm PDT
general assembly, palestinian president abbas renews his bid for united nations membership. >> the german chancellor makes a rare appearance at a parliamentary inquiry to deny errors were made over a controversial nuclear waste site. >> from germany to china, in prison dissident's show ingenuity in communicating their thoughts and feelings to the outside world -- imprisoned dissidents showed ingenuity in communicating their thoughts and feelings to the outside world. the israeli-palestinian conflict has been one of the central topics on the agenda at the united nations general assembly in new york. both palestinian authority president abbas and israeli prime minister netanyahu and addressed the delegates. >> after failing to secure full member status last year, abbas has set his sights on gaining recognition as a non-member state this time around. despite the move, angering israel, abbas said this could be the last chance for peace. >> we realize that the progress toward making peace is through negotiations between the palestinian liberation organization and listen -- and israel. b
Sep 28, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, that is for sure. >> thanks for that. in a speech to the united nations, westerwelle appealed for an end to the dispute over iran's nuclear program. >> the foreign minister says he does not think anti-western demonstrations in the middle east think -- means there is a clash of cultures going on. >> the extremists want to stop change and his democratic awakening with violence. we cannot let them succeed. germany takes sides in this confrontation. we will maintain our commitment to the people of the arab world and build on that commitment. we will not react by turning away, but by redoubling our efforts. westerwelle speaking at the united nations in new york. france is a socialist government has unveiled a budget that is being called the toughest in three decades -- france's socialist government. it includes tax hikes for the rich and businesses in france. it is aimed at showing francois hollande and his team have the physical rigor to maintain france's reputation as a pillar in the eurozone. >> they came to narrow the deficit next year to 3% of national output -- date came to narro
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
united nations and singer paul mccartney dedicated a song to him, after his death. chico was shot and killed by a local rancher and his son on december 22, 1988 in what many described as an assassination. his cousin says his spirit is still alive. >> chico died, but his ideas live on, and we are still waging his battle. now it's our job to continue his work, and defend our rainforest. >> meanwhile some parts of the amazon have been declared protected zones. in these areas, only sustainable cultivation is permitted. today duda mendes is bringing his freshly-tapped latex to a government collection facility. rubber tapping in the area has turned into a valuable source of income. some 700 families earn a living by it. the government pays a guaranteed price for the latex -- which then gets put to use in the new factory in xapuri. just two dips in the rubber tank, and the condoms are ready. the manufacturing process is fully automatic, but the final quality control is still a hands-on procedure. duda mendes pays a visit to the factory's director. about 160 local residents work here. >>
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
united nations and a seismologist as well as experts in the field of nuclear energy and radiation. >> will this be enough to guarantee the nra's independence? >> not really. the nra is now under the umbrella of the environment ministry. this means politicians and bureaucrats will still have influence because they control the agency's budget. and that issue is a composition of the nra's task. more than 80% of its employees come from previous regulatory bodies. to prevent conflicts of interest, the government says nra employees will be prohibited from moving or returning to the ministry of industry. the government unit that promoted nuclear energy that critics are already finding loopholes in this. >> what challenges will the nra be facing over the coming months? >> there's a long list. without doubt, the most important and immediate challenge is redefining nuclear safety regulations. new standards will have to take into account the latest findings and technological advances to make sure nuclear plants can withstand natural disasters and major accidents. once the nra sets its standa
Sep 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, september 27th. japanese prime minister noda has told the united nations that japan is committed to resolving territorial issues peacefully, but in a speech, he said his country will defend its sovereignty noda did not give countries but spoke at a time of heightened tensions with china and south korea. >> translator: the attempts to use unilateral threats to achieve selfish ends do not accord with the fundamental spirit of the united nations charter. that is unacceptable and goes against the wisdom of humanity. >> he said it's the responsibility of nations to protect their territory. he said that japan will fulfill that responsibility. but he stressed that japan will uphold the principles shared by the international community under all circumstances. he also criticized south korea for rejecting a proposal to bring the dispute to the international court of justice. he said countries should pay more attention to the function of the international court. noda said japanese officials would respond calmly but his comments brought hill calm in some corners. now more from new york. what we
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am PDT
united nations and the create of a new world order. he currently chairs the non-align movement with 120 countries and territories not linked with a major power block. he said unfairness and discrimination by a few nations is creating an economic divide and feeling conflicts. he told reporters he is ready to negotiate an end to the standoff in the united states if it lifts the sanctions against iran. >> based on the fundamentals of respect, we are ready and willing to have a dilock based on resolving the problems. >> the united states and allies have imposed sanctions over the refusal to halt nuclear development program. he also said that the united states has unilaterally imposed sanctions on iran for the 33 years since they severed diplomatic ties. he suggested at another meeting in new york that the standard could be resolved through new york world trade center united states. analysts say japan's willingness to talk would be to avoid sanctions in the west to avoid a strike by israel. sudan and south sudan agreed to create a buffer zone to ease tensions over unmarked borders. follo
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
at the united states and france, two permanent security council members. he also blames quatar, saudi arabia and turkey for encouraging and supporting terrorists. he said nations are providing money and foreign fighters and he says as a result thousands of syrians have died. u.s. president barack obama and other world leaders have used annual the u.n. general assembly to call for an end to the regime of syrian president bashar al assad. walid al moualem described that as blatant interference in syria's domestic affairs. >>> north korea's vice foreign minister used a podium at the united nations conference to announce a change of course. pak kil-yon said his country wants to build relations with other countries. he said the united states should change what he called its hostile stance. >> translator: first secretary kim jong-un has opened a door to a new era. we will forge relations with countries that are friendly with us without being bound by the pass. >> north korean officials failed in april to launch what they called a satellite-carrying rocket. the leaders of other countr
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
addressed the united nations general assembly. he argued countries should resolve their disputes in accordance with international law. nhk world's jun oikawa reports from new york. >> reporter: gemba is in new york with prime minister noda to attend the u.n. assembly. gemba delivered his speech at the-up on monday. >> there are so many causes of tensions related to national territories. we must strive to find ways to solve these issues peacefully based on the rule of law. >> reporter: gemba's comments come amid heightened tensions over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan is also involved in a territorial dispute with south korea over the takeshima islands in the sea of japan. in his speech, gemba made reference to the role of the international code of justice. his comment appeared to concern regional settlement over takeshima. >> i would like to reiterate today the importance of international courts as a means to settle international disputes peacefully in accordance with law. >> reporter: the foreign minister said japan recognizes the compulsory jurisdiction of the cou
Sep 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the united nations general assembly, united states president barack obama said the recent unrest in the arab world would not prevent a march toward progress. many countries which sought dictatorships toppled has -- have struggled to establish civil institutions and democratic societies. >> recent protests against a u.s.-made and that-islamic film highlighted the debate these societies face over freedom of speech and religious tolerance. we met up with one artist in tunisia who is grateful for the freedoms that he now enjoys. >> he has been a cartoonist for 40 years. during that time, pen and paper have been his weapons in the fight against injustice and the struggle for change. he says the revolution in tunisia has given him new freedoms both personally and professionally. >> we only have freedom of expression in a few areas like sports, culture, or social issues. politics was taboo, regardless of whether the criticism was directed at public authorities or the government itself. we complied with those policies all those years until the revolution came, and one of its first achieveme
Sep 24, 2012 5:30pm PDT
suspects of planning to build nuclear weapons. the united states and other nations are staging what some has called the largest ever joint military drill in the persian gulf. but ahmadinejad said there's still room for diplomatic negotiations. >> translator: our negotiating stance has been if western countries provide us with 20% enriched uranium, we have no intention of producing it. we have presented many proposals to western kocountriecountries. i hope they will remain at the negotiating table. >> reporter: iran's president says he's open to talks on the nuclear issue. western leaders say he's just trying to buy time. ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak to the u.n. on wednesday. it will be his last general chance to impair the recovery. nhk world, new york. >> he mentioned the drill u.s. forces are leading in the persian gulf. 34 nations in all are taking part. we went aboard a u.s. ship and mine sweeper to bring us this first hand look. >> reporter: this u.s. navy support ship was built 41 years ago and was due to be decommissioned earlier this year. the vessel was originally used to l
Sep 26, 2012 2:00pm PDT
not accord with the fundamental spirit of the united nations charter. that is unacceptable and goes resolving disputes based on international law. he also criticized south korea for rejecting a proposal to bring the dispute to the international court of justice. he said countries should pay more attention to the function of the international court. >>> hundreds of chinese have protested in front of the u.n. headquarters in new york against japan's nationalization of the senkaku islands. the protests were staged on tuesday ahead of prime minister noda's speech to the general assembly. >> we want to get -- to all the leaders in the united states, let them know is belonged to china. >> the demonstrators waved chinese flags and sign boards demanding that japan leave the islands. >>> two car bombs have exploded near the syrian army by se battles between rebel fighters and government forces in the downtown area. an anti-government activist told nhk the explosions hit the third and fourth floors of the building. four people died.
Oct 1, 2012 11:00am PDT
, nhk world. >>> the united nations population fund has marked the day of elder perps with celebrating life expectancies but warning of risks that come with aging societies. the fund's executive director launched the report in tokyo. it says rising living standards are creating older societies. it estimates that by 2050 one in five people in the world will be over 60. that's up from one in nine today. he also warned that populations in developing countries will age faster than those in developed countries. he cited a u.n. estimate that 80% of the world's elderly will live in developing countries by 2015. >> if the developing countries of the world don't begin to put social policies in place, it might catch up to them so fast that it might become a challenge. >> the u.n. official says countries should make full use of the older labor force for long-term economic growth. he called on japan to share its experiences as the country's with the world's fastest aging population. >>> unemployment in the 17-nation eurozone remained at record highs in august. the european union statis
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13